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Beginner Hatha Yoga

Welcome Everyone!  

Yoganesha is about yoga and how to integrate yoga into your lifestyle.  What? You may ask.  I have a job, kids, I drive! I can’t be trying to get into crazy poses while at a meeting!  Well, yoga is more than becoming a pretzel.  There are various aspects or limbs, as some may refer, to yoga and they can all be integrated into your life regardless of your gender, age, religious/spiritual beliefs and physical capabilities.  The key is to integrate the different paths of yoga into your life and observe what happens. I can guarantee that little by little not only will you feel better physically, but your perspective will slowly begin to change resulting in a healthier happier you. 

For example, let’s start with hatha yoga, the physical form of yoga most familiar to westerners. I have heard so many people say, “Oh, I can’t do yoga. I am too stiff,” or “I am too overweight,” or “I am too old.”  I have had students who were 78 years old who had lost mobility to their neck and consequently were unable to drive.  After consistent practice, this student is now able to drive again aside from regaining confidence and flexibility regardless of his age.  I have seen people do yoga with a broken arm or leg. How?  Well, there are lots of poses where you don’t need to use your arms or legs.  There is chair yoga for people with difficulty standing, knee issues or overweight.  The possibilities are endless and the outcome is improved health, reduce stress and mobility which translates into increased confidence. 

I challenge you to try hatha yoga 20 minutes twice a week for one month and let me know how you feel.  I am here to answer questions and look forward to your comments.  I guarantee you will look and feel better before you know it.  As with any life change, it requires commitment and the better you feel, the more you will want to incorporate other healthy practices into your life. 

I am copying a Youtube link for beginners which I hope you will enjoy.  As with any change, if you have medical issues such as high blood pressure or glaucoma, it is always good to ask your doctor about starting a yoga practice.  Here is the link:


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