The Come Back!


Hello Everyone,

It’s been 2 years, 3 months and 12 days since we last met. Since then I moved to Ashland, Oregon and have been in the process of reinventing myself (sometimes without great results).  I have learned so much during this time and perhaps the greatest lesson is when life knocks you down, is it really a knock down or an opportunity in disguise?

Humans, so the saying goes, are creatures of habit. Why? When things are the same day after day (even if they aren’t great), we don’t have to do much. Something like living on cruise control. It’s when the unexpected appears that we need to put on the breaks,stop, look, reassess our route and perhaps take a detour or change the destination entirely.  This is where meditation and listening to our hearts is key. Meditation dissipates fear and without fear we are able to hear the messages of our heart and the Universe.  Is this the job for me? Should I continue in this relationship? The question is, are you RESPONDING to the life events around you OR are you CREATING the life you want in all its facets?

Sometimes we need to intentionally and purposefully break away. Other times the break comes from outside ourselves. But however the break manifests, it is an indication (a need) for change. Change is the constant in life and actually what keeps us young and vibrant because it keeps us moving. Imagine if the only yoga pose were Savasana (Corpse Pose)? It would feel good at first, wouldn’t require much effort, but soon its benefits would disappear leading to lethargy, muscle atrophy and pain.

With this in mind, I am going to propose that you do something different today. Take a different route home, take a walk during the day, sprout some seeds, turn off the television and write down what you are feeling. Be the catalyst of your change toward CREATING the life you want. If life has made you stop what you were doing or where you were going, consider this a valuable opportunity to reassess, change directions and start working on your COME BACK.



About Yoganesha

I am a yogini, meaning I integrate yoga into as many aspects of my life as possible. I started taking yoga classes back in the late 70s and in 2000 I became a certified Kriya yoga instructor. Since then I have been fortunate to have studied with yoga masters such as Shiva Rea, Ana Forest, and Sean Corn. One thing is for sure, yoga is one of those things that makes our life better. Namaste!
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