Contrary to pop…

Contrary to popular belief you are not doomed to being stiff or unflexible.  I recently read a post by Lucas at Yogabody that actually explains that the first thing we need to do is change some of our eating habits.  Yes, that’s right.  You may actually be worsening your condition by consuming things like coffee, dairy, and processed foods.  That was sad news for me because I love coffee.  Fortunately, the one cup a day I drink isn’t that bad (according to Lucas). But there are the other things we consume together with not moving and stretching enough that makes matters worse.  

So for starters, Lucas recommends have a green smoothie before you stretch. He swears by it!!  Second, there are many types of yoga.  The yoga you want to focus on for flexibility is, for example, Yin Yoga.  Yin yoga concentrates on stretching and holding the pose for a few minutes.  Of course, you need to be gentle  with yourself. Start slow and stretch to the point were you feel your muscles engaged but NO PAIN. Since this is about stretching you can customize your workout to the areas where you need the most such as back, hamstrings, hips.  Ideally, you will start with a gentle warm up and then progress to the areas you want to work on.  

Another really important thing to keep in mind is your breath. You want to start by inhaling and then exhale as you stretch.  Remember to keep breathing throughout the stretch. So for example, if you are working on  your hamstrings. you could, for example, start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended, inhale and then exhale as you lean forward stretching your arms toward your feet. Allow you head to hang forward as the weight of the head intensifies the stretch.  Hold the position between 2-5 minutes. Then move on to another area of the body.  

If you are like me and have a job that requires that you sit for long periods of time, or you run, jog or even walk, the hamstrings need to be on your list.  I am adding a Yin yoga link to this post and including Lucas’ contact information. 

Happy Stttrrreeccchhhing ! –


About Yoganesha

I am a yogini, meaning I integrate yoga into as many aspects of my life as possible. I started taking yoga classes back in the late 70s and in 2000 I became a certified Kriya yoga instructor. Since then I have been fortunate to have studied with yoga masters such as Shiva Rea, Ana Forest, and Sean Corn. One thing is for sure, yoga is one of those things that makes our life better. Namaste!
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